I never imagined that making cinnamon rolls could be so darned difficult, or should I say so complicated? I love cinnamon rolls but the hockey pucks I have created lately can only find their way into the TRASH CAN. My first attempt at making these lovely things from scratch ended up with DEAD yeaast. Yes, you heard it correctly, I killed the yeast inadvertantly by using water that was too hot. I wondered why the bread didn't raise at all, it just sat there for hours doing nothing but drying out. After the first attempt, I learned that the water had to be just so so and also to put a little sugar in the water for the yeast to eat. I did much better the second time with my cinnamon rolls, but still not the best.

I am the type of person that likes to do a good job when I do something and feel haunted by the desire to "get it right"... actually I drive myself nuts until I do get it right. I learned another fact about yeast last night and that was that the yeast could catch a draft and not rise after it rose successfully the first time. So after rolling out the dough, putting all of the goodies on it and rolling it back up and cutting the pices there was a draft and my little rolls caught a cold and didn't rise the second time. PLus I learned to use the same cloth to cover them with each time and do not wash it until you absolutely have to.

By saving the cloth and not washing I would have successfully caught the wild yeast floating around and could reuse it for the next batch of cinnamon rolls or yeast bread. My hope is that today, I can get it right, no killing the yeast, no letting the yeast catch a draft and stifle the growth. I guess we will see how it goes. This morning I will be going to my grandson's to babysit for the morning. I will be keeping up with a 11 month old and a 2 year old. There won't be any sitting around for me. I will post a picture of any success I have with cinnamon rolls later.

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